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Taranis 3.4.0

Released: 5 Feb 2018
This release includes a lot of bugfixes and small improvements. The most notable changes:

- Security fixes reported by MilCERT Austria.
- Automated installation.
- The Taranis page adapts to two screen widths, FullHD and half-width FullHD.
- Comments and actions in Analysis items are improved.
- The menu shows unread items per Assess category.
- Extracted CVE-IDs are now shown directly in Assess items.
- New Taranis logo.
- By default passwords are now hashed with bcrypt with cost factor 10. Old
  passwords are updated transparently.
- Button copy assess item to clipboard (shortcut 'e').
- Toggle to only show 'in use' platforms and products when writing an advisory.
- Support for SELinux installation (experimental).
- The same assess items can be collected for different categories.
- Separate scripts now function as sub-commands of the 'taranis' command,
  which does not need root rights.

Taranis 3.4.0 software: Taranis 3.4.0 documentation

Taranis 3.3.4

Released: 19 Sep 2017

Taranis 3.3.4 is a security and bugfix release. The following changes have been made:

Security fixes:
- Fixed vulnerabilities reported by MilCERT Austria:
    - Stored XSS vulnerability in the HTMLFeed parser.
    - XSS vulnerability in the sources import dialog.
    - XSS vulnerability in displaying email attachment filenames.

- Fixed not working mailto: links.
- Fixed advisory importing due to broken CVE-ID regex.
- Email could not be sent due to broken address validation.
- Fixed template processor crash.

To update an existing Taranis 3.3.3 installation to 3.3.4, place the files in taranis-v3.3.4-update-from-v3.3.3.tgz in /opt/taranis, overwriting existing files.
All documentation from the 3.3.3 release is still applicable to 3.3.4.

Taranis 3.3.4 software:

Taranis 3.3.3

Released: 6 Sep 2016

Taranis 3.3.3 software: Taranis 3.3.3 documentation